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Ritco on Safety:

At Ritco, the safety of our drivers, vehicles and cargo is our utmost prority

Our safety partner is the Institute of Road Safety and Fleet Management. As a result of our commitment to safety, we have received a lot of recognition and appreciation. In recognition of our efforts in Road Safety and captain training on defensive driving, Mitsubishi Chemical (a Japanese MNC) awarded us their "Best Road Transporters" award.

We keep our Truckers safe on road. How?

All truckers receive organized training

Our Driver Counseling Supervisor educates our drivers on Road Safety and Defence training for every circumstance. Through our training programs, we identify each driver's areas of focus and provide them with engaging and up-to-date training modules to help them succeed. The programs usually consist of regular training sessions, and as the lessons continue, we monitor progress in reports, seeing what has been accomplished and where improvements need to be made.

All Track all our Truckers

We monitor the behavior of our Truckers while they are driving on an hourly basis with the help of partners Ashley and Go-tracker. This way we keep an eye on the vehicle’s speed, transit time, changing of lanes, stoppages, etc.

Safety in Post-Covid Era

We have shifted to a completely cashless and digital logistics company. This way we have reduced our driver’s physical interactions with others.

Inspecting Vehicles prior to every trip

Prior to every trip, we conduct an adequate inspection, repair, and maintenance of our vehicles. Checking fluid levels, horns, mirrors, engine health, and brakes are among the routine checks we perform to ensure the safety of our drivers.

Driving for long hours is strictly prohibited

At Ritco, we do not pressurise drivers to deliver before time and risk their lives. They are given instructions to take proper rest. We prohibit drivers to drive for more than 11 hours continuously.

By employing the right solutions and training, we mitigate the risk of trucker injury and consequently reduce the risk of any major and expensive accidents. Nonetheless, we mitigate risk and minimize the likelihood of truckers getting into serious and costly accidents by employing the right solutions and training.